The WBSC All Stars Lele Montaguti in Holland!!

Hello Fabio, Stefano e Gianni!

I do not know what's magic about WBSC, but you've changed my life for the umpteenth time.

After a week of auditions in Amsterdam the Amsterdam coach contacted the Rotterdam Feyenord A1 coach who put me under for two weeks and a couple of days ago confirmed my position in the team.

I'm a Dutch player, and I play in the same city where my girlfriend lives, so I do not know how but the wheel has stopped in the best option of all and I'm the happiest man at the moment.

Thanks for the yet again, through the WBSC Supercamp.

I went first to USA and now to Holland, you have a very small merit for my last 6 years of life I would say ahahahah!!

Hi to the whole family of the WBSC Supercamp!!

Lele Montaguti

The WBSC All Stars Lele Montaguti in Holland!!